About the Book

If you want to run meetings, projects and processes that are more engaging, efficient and impactful, this book is for you. By using visual tools and techniques, including simple drawings that anyone can learn, Visual Collaboration can support any type of organization in managing complex projects and encouraging innovation.

By tapping into the authors’ Five Building Blocks method, anyone can learn to sketch ideas in groups in order to drive engagement, ownership, and promote good dialogue.

  • 6 tools
  • 8 skills
  • 75 customizable template
  • 500 icons to boost teamwork

Who is the book for?

Visual Collaboration offers leaders, managers and educators a visual way to communicate and collaborate that is smart and effective. The book is for everybody. In particular for people working in these areas: 

Prototyping is a classic disciplin if your work is about turning the world upside down. If your role is to come up with new innovative ideas that create value, sketching those early prototypes allows ideas to gain momentum and turn into solid concepts.
Leadership comes in many forms. Visual Collaboration provides new perspectives and tools for leading in an authentic and dynamic way with pen and paper.
Organizational Development
If you need to to present a strategy, implement a plan or launch a change process, Visual Collaboration offers a catalogue of powerful questions and visual tools that will help you towards a great and engaging process.
Visual Collaboration introduces you to a theoretical foundation for working visually and to the Visual Learning Arena. It offers visuals tools and techniques you can use when you design and deliver learning experiences.


gives you basic tools and techniques you can use at once. Each building block guides you step by step towards mastering core aspects of visual collaboration. You can start working with the building block that is most relevant for you, or you can work with all five building blocks at once. The Five Building Blocks offer templates, models, questions lists and training guides that help both the beginner and the expert in developing visual skills.

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