“My organization invited the authors to teach us visual collaboration and to test whether a common visual language could enhance cross-departmental collaboration while creating product innovations. We are very pleased with the results. The book is a very successful and practical introduction to this more visual way of working.”

Christoph Eisenhardt, R&D Strategy & Change, Roche Diabetes Care GmbH

“This book gives you the building blocks for meetings, processes or projects. It works as a new language for collaboration. In a world where we need tools and approaches to tackle our complex world this book can help you come up with solutions that work.”

Nancy Duarte, CEO and best-selling author

"In a world overwhelming us with complexity, confusion, and speed, Visual Collaboration reminds us that the most powerful technology we have is our innate visual processing power. It is an invaluable resource for teams.”

Lisa Kay Solomon, Co-Author Moments of Impact and Design A Better Business

“In my current role at Microsoft I don’t have the luxury of working with people face to face, so we do a lot of joint visualizations on digital whiteboards while connecting team members from all parts of the world. Visual Collaboration provided an extremely helpful method for clarifying goals, working out joint plans and shared responsibilities, and avoiding cultural or language barriers in our teams.”

Olga Svyrydenko, Education Audience Engagement Team, Microsoft

"Visual Collaboration is one of the best examples I’ve seen of visual facilitation—balancing structure and process, skills and questions, and knowing how to get started and how to scale. All of these examples are illustrated in a captivating style that is in itself a teaching.”

David Sibbet, Founder and CEO the Grove Consultants International, Author of Visual Teams, Visual Meetings, Visual Leaders and Visual Consulting

”This book represents the best of what the field of visual facilitation has to offer. The book is clear, high quality, very well structured, very concrete, and practical. It is full of “ah-ha’s” not only for anyone wanting to enter the world of working visually, but also for those of us who has been in the field for many years”.

Patrick van der Pijl, Producer of Business Model Generation and Author of Design a Better Business.

Visual Collaboration is an inspiring guide for anyone who is interested in a more visual approach to organizing and hosting meetings and workshops. The book walks the reader step-by-step from discovering a new visual language to enabling others to work more visually. As a reader one doesn’t only find helpful hands-on tips but also inspirational templates which can be easily customized for any kind of meeting and workshop

Donato Carparelli, Head Global Product Innovation, Schindler Elevator Ltd.

“Visual tools work well for managing meetings, programs, and processes in a way that promotes engagement, ownership, and dialogue. What an excellent resource for complex organizations and anyone who cares about activating the imagination and doing social change work well!”

Bliss Browne, President and Founder, Imagine Chicago

"I have followed the evolution of the methods described in Visual Collaboration since it’s earliest days. I am delighted to see its’ core message regarding the power of “making conversations visible” to support collaborative innovation and constructive change in organizations and communities being communicated in engaging and creative ways that can support both the novice and experienced practitioner. The global spread of the World Cafe approach to strategic dialogue and collective intelligence has benefited enormously from the approaches described in this important contribution to the field."

Juanita Brown Ph.D., Co-Founder, The World Cafe

"Visual collaboration enables amazing new forms of collaboration and innovation in organizations. I've had the privilege of working with the authors many times, and this book gives anyone the ability to bring their unique skills and capabilities into their own work."

Ron Volpe, Global Vice President Apps Business Development, Tradeshift

This book helps you embrace complexity and translate ideas and thoughts into a visual language that works across teams, processes, and cultures. It gives you a framework for making the right decisions. Faster. It’s not a read-once book, but a go-to book when you need to handle change and - literally - draw your team together and create alignment or when you just want to make work more clear and fun."

Brian Kyed, CEO Airtame

“Visual Collaboration provides readers with a brilliant toolset and roadmap (all presented in an extremely accessible visual format) for groups working together visually.”

Peter Coughlan, Ph.D., Saltus Consulting, Founder of IDEO’s Transformation by Design Practice

"This book shows how drawings and visualization increase the bandwidth of collaboration. Something we desperately need, when we work in complex situations. The book is a must-read and has become an essential part of our company toolbox."

Henrik Challis, Senior Consultant in Organization Transformation, Co-Founder of Emerging

"When I first came across visual facilitation, it was a bonus if a consultant was able to draw and visualize for clients. Today it is a must.. This is a very impressive book; it shows how much is possible. It should be on every consultant's bookshelf!”

Jacob Storch, Ph.D., Entrepreneur, Founder of Joint Action and Attractor

"One of the most important skills of the future will be 'synthesis': Being able to create overview, see relationships, find meaning and draw it. Those who can see connections, design, model, illustrate, create overview and get others to "see" are the heroes of the future. Any idiot can point out a problem. We must learn to think in - and create - hundreds of possible, enhancing solutions that can be put together in a million ways. This book shows the way.”

Anne Skare Nielsen, Futurist, Founder FutureNavigator

"As a facilitator, what I most appreciate about this book is how the practice of visual language can start with me learning how to express both simple and complex thoughts visually - and then I can immediately bring the skill into any meeting or workshop. As others engage and see the difference a visual approach makes, they joyfully join in.”

Tatiana Glad, Co-founder & Director, Impact Hub Amsterdam

”I am quite impressed by how elegantly the authors present their theoretical framework and the ease with which theory is translated into practice. It is fascinating and brave to turn the hopelessly difficult word ’autopoiesis’ into an obvious core concept for understanding social processes”.

Jens Rasmussen, Professor, Danish School of Education

"In my work as leader of strategic corporate governance I am often in situations where I need to explain complex challenges. In these situations visualising and drawing always comes across as a great tool. Once having started visualizing it invites and engages in a whole new way. The visual expression increases the chances of reaching shared understanding of a given challenge. This book helps me develop and improve my skills at working with complex challenges".

Lene Einang Flach, Project Director, Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation

“In a world of creative destruction and emergent creation, all organizations face the challenge of orienting and imagining the shared future we all want and need. Visualizing and sharing perspectives are critical to achieving this goal. The authors have defined and practiced 'state of the art' visual collaboration for decades, and in this book, they generously share the ingredients necessary for all strategy development, process planning and implementation steps for the years to come. This work will be a classic ‘go to’ source for anyone aspiring to develop shared engagement, visual insight, competence, and tools.”

Tom Cummings, Executive Board and Senior Management Adviser, Author of Leadership Landscapes

"Collaboration is challenging and critical for virtually all companies – the authors have made it accessible and enjoyable with this marvelous book."

Sunni Brown, Best-Selling Author and Chief Human Potentialist

“I really enjoyed this book. The visual language is sound, it is conceptually clean, and the tools you get are solid and easy to use. This should be mandatory reading for anyone designing and facilitating meetings, workshops, and strategic processes in their organization.”

Holger Nils Pohl, Founder of WorkVisual Institute, Author of Creating Clarity and Co-Creator of Biz4Kids

“This is an extraordinary book. It is accessible, but at the same time offers nuance and depth—good for both the novice and the experienced practitioner. It is well-suited for anyone interested in organizational change, facilitation, communication and group work. Visual collaboration has for years been an integral part of the way we teach at Kaospilot, but also one of the core skills our students learn. This is the book we have been waiting for.”

Christer Windeløv-Lidzélius, Principal at Kaospilot

“This book is structured in a very pedagogical and logical way. It is clear and easy to understand and richly illustrated. You quickly experience success with drawing. It is a unique handbook that provides many years of experience from practice in process design and visual facilitation. I highly recommend Visual Collaboration to meeting leaders, process designers, teachers and anyone interested in learning”

Lotte Darsø, Associate Professor, University of Aarhus, Author of Artful Creation

“Visual Collaboration is a book I will not only read; I will use it. I want to become better at sketching, and I want to learn how to use visualizations more. A picture is worth a thousand words.”

Lars Kolind, former CEO of Oticon, Board Member, Entrepreneur and Author of Unboss

“As a process consultant on participatory processes and strategic conversations, I have learned that visualization promotes collective understanding and memory. Visual Collaboration gives an overview and an introduction to the use of visual tools and techniques in an educational and simple way. It speaks to different levels of experience and practice, whether you are a beginner or a more experienced user.”

Monica Nissen, Process Consultant, Co-Founder of InterChange

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