Watch our four minute videos. Get an introduction to how you can (re-)learn to draw, a quick guide for creating your own visual language, and inspiration about what tools to get a hold of, if you want a more visual way of working.

Draw more, together

In this Tedx Talk Ole Qvist-Sørensens presents why and how drawing together creates value. It starts with pen, paper and a bunch of powerful questions.

The Essential Tools

It is crucial to have the right tools and materials. They give you the freedom to focus on the most important: The people and process. Watch the video "Tools" and make sure you have the essentials in your toolbox.

The Eighth Element

Once you have got the hang of sketching with basic shapes and the seven elements, you are ready to start creating your own visual language. The Eighth Element is just that. Watch this video and start discovering your own visual language. Line by line. It is not difficult once you understand how simple it is.

The Seven Elements

You really only need to draw basic shapes. A dot, a line, a circle, a square and a triangle. With these you can drawn anything. This video presents additional seven elements that you can use to advance your visual skills. Learn to draw people, places, process and speech and learn to use text, color and effects to your advantage.

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